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American Guild® is a lifestyle design house for exceptional flooring that celebrates the tradition of craftsmanship alongside the restless spirit of modern innovation. Artisan purveyors of the highest regard, we are also passionate students of interior design, dedicated to creating the necessary elements that bring both residential and commercial spaces to life.

This combination results in an un-compromised balance of form and function â€Ã¢€Å“ a lasting premium hardwood floor that is as inspiring and distinct as the personalities and sensibilities of our customers.

Destined to resonate with any design style, American Guild® delivers several striking hardwood collections â€Ã¢€Å“ Craftsman Legacies, Historical Elements and Ernest Hemingway® Heritage. Each collection embraces the iconic American cornerstones of artisan traditions, classic and contemporary design and the modernist mindset for technological advances, all with a deep respect for environmental consciousness.

Craftsman Legacies is a collection of richly nuanced white oak floors that is grounded in the artisan’s process â€Ã¢€Å“ the very hands-on approach to creating anew. This intuitive attitude towards design can be seen etched into each floor, preserving the unique identity of the wood, board by board, down to its grain. In this collection, we are reminded that the eternal discovery of beauty in the world is never lost, but carried on for generations in the hands of the craftsman.

From harrowing voyages across the Atlantic Ocean to a foreign continent, the story of the American nation began with a journey that still continues today. The Historical Elements collection draws deep inspiration from this national narrative. Featuring the hearty maple, Historical Elements collection lets the story unfold with a series of captivating colors, incredible character and elegant distressing.

Ernest Hemingway® shaped the literary landscape for the American writer with a dedication and precision to his craft rarely seen. Artfully captured with the same passion, the Ernest Hemingway® Heritage collection evokes the spirit of this treasured icon. This captivating collection of waru, acacias and white oak engineered hardwood floors offers an authentic palette of rugged refinement to match the unabashed nature of a man whose fierce and unfettered understanding of the human conditions awoke the world.

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